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Womens Shepherd Sheepskin Slippers Suede Slippers

Women SheepSkin Slippers Suede, made of 100% high quality real sheep skin. They are warm and comfortable.Home essential artifact.Excellent handcraft.Soft,light,warm, stylish and elegant design.It‘s the best accessories in cool or freezing weather.

  • Number:FF-SLI-SH-01
  • Weight:200.000 (g)
  • NO.:FF-SLI-SH-01-1
  • Unit:pair
  • Score:2
  • List Price: $63.00
  • Price: $29.00
Size Color No. Price
US6 Beige FF-SLI-SH-01-1 $29.00
US7 Beige FF-SLI-SH-01-2 $29.00
US8 Beige FF-SLI-SH-01-3 $29.00
US9 Beige FF-SLI-SH-01-4 $29.00
US10 Beige FF-SLI-SH-01-5 $29.00
US11 Beige FF-SLI-SH-01-6 $29.00
US6 Black FF-SLI-SH-01-7 $29.00
US7 Black FF-SLI-SH-01-8 $29.00
US8 Black FF-SLI-SH-01-9 $29.00
US9 Black FF-SLI-SH-01-10 $29.00
US10 Black FF-SLI-SH-01-11 $29.00
US11 Black FF-SLI-SH-01-12 $29.00
US6 Khaki FF-SLI-SH-01-13 $29.00
US7 Khaki FF-SLI-SH-01-14 $29.00
US8 Khaki FF-SLI-SH-01-15 $29.00
US9 Khaki FF-SLI-SH-01-16 $29.00
US10 Khaki FF-SLI-SH-01-17 $29.00
US11 Khaki FF-SLI-SH-01-18 $29.00
US6 Red FF-SLI-SH-01-19 $29.00
US7 Red FF-SLI-SH-01-20 $29.00
US8 Red FF-SLI-SH-01-21 $29.00
US9 Red FF-SLI-SH-01-22 $29.00
US10 Red FF-SLI-SH-01-23 $29.00
US11 Red FF-SLI-SH-01-24 $29.00
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